Tau Cross

Tau Cross

An Order of Franciscan Seculars who are members of the rich and famous.

  •       Rich in following the Gospel of our Lord.
  •       Famous in following the way of St. Francis of Assisi.
  •       “YOUFRA” (Youth Franciscans) touching the hearts of young people.

Saint Francis

Saint Francis

In politics and leaders in government

In need… Pending

In need… Pending

I need to find a fraternity.

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where you live. Dennis Mallon, O.F.S.

Canonization of Blessed Ludovico da Casoria


His Words





The expectant Blessed Mother

The expectant Blessed Mother


Fraternity Newsletter
  • The Brothers and Sisters of St. Francis Region
  • (Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, So. Carolina ,Tennessee)
  • News from our National Fraternity



Francis presents his rule

Franciscan Formation is the life blood of any fraternity. The vitality of any Franciscan community is centered on ongoing formation, living the Gospel life with our brothers and sisters in sharing faith experiences. In this section the topics for discussion are, for example:
(New) THROUGH A PERSISTENT FAITH as Edited by Emanuela De Nunzio

Our prayer life; and Cultivating a life of Franciscan virtue;

Other related topics are: The importance of our Franciscan gatherings; *
The Five Knots of the Franciscan Cord; *The Holy Father’s message to Franciscans

The Words of St. Francis

Francis' words

Francis’ words

His Words are still relevant to the problems of today. His virtuous convictions of faith and morals had a great influence in the Church and the world. He has voiced his philosophy of Catholic Faith in the many writings he gave his followers.

Franciscans go and rebuild my house.

Our prayer life; and Cultivating a life of Franciscan virtue;