St. Padre Pio

Story by Bret Thoman,OFS  “Try always to advance more in charity; enlarge your heart with confidence for the divine gifts which the Holy Spirit is anxious to pour into it.” Saint Pio of Pietrelcina The story of St. Padre Pio is fascinating. I have had a strong devotion to him for the past ten years. […]

Church of Martyrs II

Egyptian Christians, Muslims closer together in wake of martyrdoms in Libya, bishop says Catholic World News – March 20, 2015 The 21 Coptic Christians who were slaughtered by the Islamic State in Libya are “true martyrs” and will be recognized as such, an Egyptian bishop has said. Bishop Kyrillos William Samaan of Assiut told Aid […]

Church of martyrs

Pope challenges world leaders’ silence on persecution of Christians Catholic World News – April 06, 2015 The international community cannot remain “silent and inactive” in the face of persecution of Christians, Pope Francis said during his midday audience on Easter Monday April 6. The Pope spoke of “our brothers and sisters who are persecuted, exiled, […]

The “War on Women”

To the Point By Dennis Mallon, OFS The UN organization campaigns to promote abortion and contraception; there are atrocities perpetrated by Boko Haram terrorists on Christian women in Nigeria; ISIS terrorists slaughter Christian women and children; and in our country our president is promoting abortion and mandating that the Church provide and permit abortions under […]

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