St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi

“Silence implies consent.” St. Thomas More, OFS

A Christian can never remain silent in the face of violence, poverty, hunger, corruption or abuse of power. – Pope Benedict XVI

The words of St. Francis

His words for  Politicians and Government leaders

I find many toiling for the body and few for the soul, for many toil for the body by breaking rocks, razing mountains, and performing other works fatiguing to the body, but who is there that labors so courageously and fervently for his soul? —Brother Giles, follower of St. Francis of Assisi


Pope Francis

Words from Pope Francis: Spiritual and Eucumenical Endeavors, and other colloquies.

We are a church of martyrs, Pope says

Jesus cannot be understood without his mother: Pope Francis


The expectant Blessed Mother


Immaculate Conception Fraternity Jonesboro, Georgia

To the Point by Dennis Mallon, OFS The War on Women

St. Padre Pio The fascinating story by Bret Thoman, OFS


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What’s in the news

AND…”Why your prayers are needed …”

Bishop Samaan: The “Village of Martyrs”

Pray for “the Dominican Sisters of Mary”



Francis presents his rule

Franciscan Formation is the life blood of any fraternity. The vitality of any Franciscan community is centered on ongoing formation, living the Gospel life with our brothers and sisters in sharing faith experiences. In this section the topics for discussion are, for example:

Our prayer life; and Cultivating a life of Franciscan virtue;

Other related topics are: The importance of our Franciscan gatherings; *
The Five Knots of the Franciscan Cord; *The Holy Father’s message to Franciscans

The Words of St. Francis

Tau Cross

Tau Cross

His Words to his brothers and sisters: Franciscans go and rebuild our Father’s house