A fish story

Slow down, why are you in a hurry;
The Word you read was done in a fury.
God loves the words but the time with you,
To Him, has much more value.

I dreamt I was on a pier and those who were fishing hadn’t caught a fish. A man said “I understand if you go to one spot at the end of the pier and reach down into the water you can catch a lot of fish. I went to the end of the pier where he said, but to reach down I had to lay down near a piling to get my arm down in the water. When I did there seem to be a hundred large fish of different colors swirling around my arm in a frenzy. It was easy to grab hold of one and when I did I pulled it out and the fish became docile, like peaceful. I threw him on the deck and reached down for more–different kinds with different colors. This went on for a while and a large crowd gathered around. They were happy to grab some of the fish. One person said ‘look he has caught an ugly predator fish.’ I looked over and saw what the person was describing. The fish looked like a flat board on the deck, it had black wings with red and black stripes, a ugly head and the sharp teeth of a predator. I wondered why I never felt this ugly fish when I pulled it out. When I awoke I thought the fish were not hungry but trying to escape from the predator. I ask myself, was I the fisher of men and the predator fish the devil? I have had a lot of dreams but that one was a beaut.

Dennis Mallon, OFS

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