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Bret Thoman, OFS
Bret is a Third Order Secular Franciscan, and writes on Franciscan and Catholic topics. He has a Master’s degree in Italian and a certificate in Franciscan studies and the owner and president of St. Francis Pilgrimages, LLC. to Italy. His personal dedication and commitment to pilgrimages derives from his vocation as Secular Franciscan and his Catholic faith. He has been, recently, the formation director for his fraternity, Immaculate Conception Fraternity in Jonesboro, Georgia and has written many articles for Ongoing Formation.

Among his many accomplishments he is an active translator and writer. He has published five books from Italian to English and English to Italian and written and published two books. Among his many accomplishments, Bret announced the election of Pope Francis live on CNN while translating from Vatican TV; he also translated Pope Francis’s Inaugural Mass.

                                                                Formation Articles

Formation, a Franciscan Perspective                               Francis, Go and Rebuild My House

Francis was a Peacemaker                                                Franciscan Poverty – Sine Proprio

Franciscan obedience                                                        The Incarnation, Greccio and St. Francis                                                         

Francis and the Catholic Church                                     Franciscan Spirituality- Transcendent or Immanent                                                         

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Bret Thoman, OFS Ongoing Formation Articles


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