Consolations at prayer.

The words of St. Francis and Brother Giles
Francis was miserly about one thing: Consolations at prayer.

Francis said, “When a servant of God is visited by the Lord with some fresh consolation
while at prayer, before leaving his prayers he ought to raise his eyes to heaven and say
to the Lord with folded hands: You have, O Lord, sent unworthy sinful me this consolation
and sweetness from Heaven, and I commit it back to you to save it for me, for I am a
thief when it comes to your treasure . . . Lord, take your good gift from me in this world, and save it for me in the world to come.

Brother Giles speaks on virtues and graces.

The graces of God and the virtues are a ladder and road to climb to Heaven,
but vices and sins are the road and ladder to go down to hell.

Vices and sins are poison. Virtues and good deeds are an antidote.

Grace attracts grace. And one vice leads to another vice.

Grace does not wish to be praised. And vice does not wish to be despised — that is,
a man who has grace does not want to be praised and does not seek praise. And, the
man who has vices does not want to be despised or blamed — which comes from pride.

The mind finds peace in humility. Patience is its daughter.

Purity of heart sees God. Devotion assimilates Him.

If you love, you will be loved. If you fear, you will be feared. If you serve, you will be served. If you treat others well, others will treat you well.

Blessed is he who loves and does not therefore desire to be loved.
Blessed is he who fears and does not therefore desire to be feared.
Blessed is he who treats others well and does not desire that others treat him well.
And, because these are great things, the foolish do not attain them.

There are three very great and useful things — whoever has them cannot fall into evil.
The first is: if you bear in peace, for God’s sake all the tribulations that may happen to you.
The second is: if you humble yourself more in everything you do and receive.
The third is: if you love faithfully those holy things that cannot be seen with your eyes.

Once Brother Giles asked a certain friar: “Have you a good soul?” He answered: “I don’t know, Brother.”
Brother Giles said: “Holy contrition — holy humility — holy charity — holy devotion –
and holy joy make the soul holy and good.”

(from the book “The Little Flowers of St. Francis)

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