Franciscan Prayers Answered

My Dear Franciscan Family,
Since May my daughter Anna has been hospitalized for severe anorexia and related medical complications. This has been a very dark time for her and for us, requiring an extremely harsh course of treatment and much suffering. This week, blessedly, having restored her weight and being considered medically stable, she was upgraded from inpatient care and released to a day program where she will complete her recovery.

As I write these words I want to lift my hands to the sky and shout “God is good!” I thank Him not only for His care of her, but for you – my Franciscan family – because God heard your prayers for our daughter and by His grace she is healing. I have been encouraged by your cards and emails, calmed by your phone calls and comforted by your prayers. Some of you even took time to remind me to laugh when there was really nothing else to do. I am so grateful.

Last year when our Minister announced the fraternity itself would be one of our apostolates, I did not know I would be on the receiving end. Thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for your generosity and attention. Through your kindness, God let me know He had His eye on me and my family, and even in the most painful moments, we never felt alone.
With love, your sister, Georgia

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