Franciscan Spirituality—12 Elements

Clare: meditate—contemplate—Imitate

1. Love: Love of the Incarnation, Love of the Passion, The birth of Christ, The Crèche, Birth, suffering and Death.
2. Poverty and Simplicity: Christ was born in poverty, the more things you have the more you have to dust. Total dependence on God.
3. Humility: both feet on the ground.
4. Communal Life: There were 5000 before he died. Believers supported each other. They were family.
5. Solidarity with all creation: Ecology Respect what God has made.
6. The word of God – Scripture: Random reading. Preach without words. Read Scripture certain times in the day.
7. The Eucharist: Reverence of all priests and the care where the Eucharist was and is.
8. The Holy Spirit: Trust and pray to the Holy Spirit. It inspires us and gives us confidence.
9. Mary Mother of God: brought the savior into the world and is our intercessor and companion.
10. Dedication to prayer.
11. Silence and meditation.
12. Joy: A joyful spirit; joy is there even in suffering.

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