How St. Clare was carried to Mass

    At one time the most devout spouse of Christ, St. Clare, while staying at San Damiano, was so seriously ill, that she was unable to go and say the office in church with the other nuns.
    Now when the Feast of the Nativity of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ came, the Sisters used to recite matins and devoutly receive Holy Communion at the Mass of the Nativity. While all the others went to matins, St. Clare remained alone in bed, seriously ill and very sad because she could not go with the others to attend the holy ceremony and have the spiritual consolation.
    But Our Lord Jesus Christ wished to give this most faithful spouse of His a consolation, and He miraculously let her attend in spirit both the matins and the Mass as well as the whole celebration of the Feast by the friars in the Church of St. Francis. She was able to clearly hear the organ and the friars’ chanting to the end of the Mass. Moreover, she received Holy Communion and was fully consoled. Then He had her carried back to bed.
    Now when the Sisters had finished the office in San Damiano, they came back to St. Clare and said to her: “Oh, dear Mother, Sister Clare what great consolations we have had in this holy Feast of the Saviors Nativity–if only you could have been with us!”
But she answered: My dear little sisters and daughters, I give thanks and praise to God, my Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, because my soul had the consolation of attending all the ceremonies of this most holy night — but still greater and more solemn and beautiful ones than yours. For by the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ and through the intercession of my most blessed Father St. Francis, I was present in the Church of my Father St, Francis, and with my bodily and spiritual ears I heard all the chanting and the organ, and moreover I received Holy Communion there. So rejoice and praise Our Blessed Jesus Christ with all your hearts for the great grace which He gave me, since while I was lying here sick as I said, I was present at the whole ceremony in the church of St. Francis. Whether it was in the body or outside the body, I don’t know; only God who took me there to attend His ceremony knows.”
    To the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
                                                                        (From the book: Little Flowers of St. Francis)

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