To My Grandchildren and To Whom It May Concern

Why I created this Newsletter

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“Silence implies consent.” St. Thomas More, OFS
   I cannot be silent when I see “What’s Happening”

A Christian can never remain silent in the face of violence, poverty, hunger, corruption or the abuse of power. – Pope Benedict XVI
I cannot remain silent in the face of violence and the abuse of power

“The Past is Prolough” National Archives in Washington DC

The articles posted here are about “What Happened” – “What’s Happening”– “What’s going to happen.” and it is the Truth. There is no “Fake News.” I published two books, one titled “What Happened” the other, “Reflections of a Secular Franciscan” My literary experience is as like what my childhood friend Waldomore Wolfgang Pagenstecher did. (I had to get his name mentioned somewhere in this site).

My first entry is a test post, i’ts about baseball.

Baseball Statistics

The How, What, When, and Where of Education

America lost it’s religion.

One reason why America lost its religion was because of what the educators who instituted the way the American citizen was to be educated. There was little or no regard of the history how education was

the past or a prologue to the past in education.

<p><strong>Cynical Myth</strong><a href=””> of Global Warming</a></p>