To My Grandchildren and To Whom It May Concern

Why I created this Newsletter

(My comments in italic)

“Silence implies consent.” St. Thomas More, OFS
   I cannot be silent when I see “What’s Happening”

A Christian can never remain silent in the face of violence, poverty, hunger, corruption or the abuse of power. – Pope Benedict XVI
I cannot remain silent in the face of violence and the abuse of power

My motto: “The Past is Prolough” National Archives’ motto in Washington DC

Some of the articles posted here now are about “What Happened” – “What’s Happening”– “What’s going to happen.” and it is the Truth. There is no “Fake News.” Some topics are about what happened to education in our country, the pagan right to kill babies in the womb, prophecies and other articles, like, what happened to marriage? Stay tuned for other topics to come…

On the funny side, my first entry is a test post about baseball.

Baseball Statistics

“What Happened”

Universe is a product of design

Our Lady of Good Success

America lost it’s religion.

John Dewey Destroyed the Souls of Our Children

The Language of Love

The Power of Prayer

“What’s Happening”

(Your prayers are needed for what is happening to God’s children–
on the average (every 34 seconds) a child of God is killed in the womb!)

Cynical Myth of Global Warming

America’s Education Common Core

Reasons why there should be no right to an abortion

Are we pagan citizens

“What will Happen”

Abortion will take center stage at the Supreme Court