The Eucharist

Make the Eucharist an awesome reality in your life.
Shrewsbury, England, Feb 27, 2018 / 01:00 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- In a recent pastoral letter, a British bishop has encouraged Catholics to make the “awesome reality” of the Eucharist a central focus of their life and prayer during Lent.

“In this Eucharistic Year for the Diocese I am inviting us all to reflect more deeply on the mystery and reality of the Eucharist,” wrote Bishop Mark Davies of the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

“At the beginning of Lent, I want to draw your gaze especially towards the Altar where Christ’s Sacrifice, by which He loved us to the end, is made present anew,” Davies continued, drawing attention to the sacrifice of the Mass.

Davies cited Vatican II’s Sacrosanctum Concilium, explaining that the sacrifice of the Mass was instituted by Christ on the night before he died to “perpetuate the sacrifice of the Cross throughout the ages until he should come again.”

Davies said that Christ makes himself “wholly and entirely present” in the Eucharist during the Mass, evoking “the very words of institution, ‘This is my Body given for you,’ and ‘this chalice which is poured out for you is the New Covenant in my Blood.”

While during the Mass the “central event of salvation becomes really present,” Davies asked whether Catholics “have allowed the Mass to become reduced in our minds to merely a communal meal and celebration rather than the paschal banquet, the supper of the Lamb of God sacrificed for us?”

“Have we thereby allowed new generations to become bored and uninterested in the Mass, by not allowing them to glimpse the awesome reality of this Sacrifice and Sacrament?” Davies asked.

The UK bishop evoked the words of Pope St. John Paul II, who said that the Eucharist displays a love which “knows no measure.”

“How, then, could our hearts ever remain unmoved by this love beyond all others?” Davies questioned.

“At the Altar, we learn love and sacrifice not only by imitation, but we receive the grace and power to live sacrificial lives in the service of Christ and one another in all of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy,” he continued.

Davies encouraged the faithful in his diocese to spend time meditating on the mystery of the Eucharist, especially during the sacrificial season of Lent, so as to grow in wonder at its beauty.

“In Lent, we think of the many sacrifices we are called to make,” Davies said.

“In turning our gaze towards the Altar and the Cross, let us pray that we may recognize with faith and ever growing wonder the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.”

The soul is God’s temple

not your own, [Pope] Francis warns
By Hannah Brockhaus

Vatican City, Mar 4, 2018 / 05:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Like Jesus cast out the merchants from the temple in Jerusalem, we should drive the desire for personal gain and advantage from our hearts, replacing it with love, Pope Francis said Sunday.

“We are called to keep in mind those strong words of Jesus: ‘Do not make a market of my Father’s house.’”

“They help us to reject the danger of making our soul, which is the abode of God, a marketplace,” the Pope said March 4, “living in continuous search of our personal profit, rather than in generous and supportive love.”

Speaking before the Angelus, Francis noted that “this teaching of Jesus is always relevant, not only for ecclesial communities, but also for individuals, for civil communities and for societies.”
Recounting the day’s Gospel reading from John, he said that it is a common temptation to want to take advantage of some good and necessary activity in order to cultivate “private, if not even illicit, interests.”

“It is a serious danger, especially when it exploits God himself and the worship due to him, or service to man, [who is made in God’s] image. So Jesus used ‘strong ways’ that time to shake us from this deadly danger,” he explained.

The Pope also pointed out that when Jesus drove out the merchants and moneychangers from the temple, it wasn’t considered a violent act by those who witnessed it, but a typical action of prophets, who would often denounce abuses and excesses in the name of God.

That is why in the Gospel passage the Jews ask Jesus: “What sign do you show us to do these things?” They are asking what authority Jesus has to speak and act in the name of God.
The “sign” that Jesus will give as proof of his authority is his death and resurrection, the Pope continued. Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up,” and as the evangelist notes: “He spoke of the temple of his body.”

“The attitude of Jesus recounted in today’s Gospel passage urges us to live our lives not in search of our advantages and interests, but for the glory of God, who is love,” he said.
“May the Virgin Mary support us in our commitment to make Lent a good opportunity to recognize God as the one Lord of our life, removing every form of idolatry from our heart and our works.”

Pray for your Enemies

“Silence implies consent.” St. Thomas More, OFS

“A Christian can never remain silent in the face of violence, poverty, hunger, corruption or abuse of power.”
Pope Benedict XVI

The Lord said, “Pray for your enemies”
I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

The Catholic Church and its faithful followers have many enemies who are hostile to the Church.


      • Hollywood: The amount of filth and immorality publicly promoted is baffling. The show, SMILF, on SHOWTIME is outright blaspheming Mary, the Mother of God and mocking the the Lord’s prayer.
        Also the blasphemy exhibited by the Met Gala, Hollywood’s elite, who came to New York City to show off the most opulent fashion of the 2018 season. The stars pushed the envelope to be in tune with the event’s “Heavenly Bodies, blaspheming the sacred vestments and sacred imagies of the Catholic Church.
        Please pray for the writers, promoters and Hollywood’s elite who attack the Church.
      • Prime Time News: There are some prime time news outlets that are underreporting important Church news or by innuendo distorting the news.
        Pray for those enemies who distort the news or promote fake news.
      • Educational Institutions: Some institutions who educate the younger generation have an anti-Christian agenda or turn away anyone who wishes to express their christian values.
        Pray for educational administrators.
      • Democratic Party’s Pro Abortion support: An example of abortion support is what congressional minority speaker, Nancy Pelosi, said, “being a practicing Catholic” she believed “abortion is sacred.” Her statement implies she is speaking for the Catholic Church. This is heresy.
        Pray for her. Pray for our bishops to report strongly and often that killing children in the womb is an evil offense against God.
      • Enemies of Marriage: According to the Institute for Family Studies, only about half of the children in the United States are living in a household headed by married parents, The steady increases in divorce, out-of-wedlock births, and cohabitation threatens what God intended. Pray for those who believe that Marriage is passé.
      • Enemies within the Catholic Church We live in a time when Church teaching is under attack by members of the clergy, i.e., “Rev. James Martin, S.J. said, “Catholics should “reverence” homosexual “marriage,” he favors homosexual kissing during Mass and supports transgenderism for children. Pray for the enemies of Church teaching.

        Rescue me, Lord, from my enemies. Psalm 143

      • Read the “Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Succcess–her Prophecies are happening now.

      Speaking of prophecies: “The Greatest Poverty”
      Since the Supreme Court ruled in “Roe vs. Wade” that a woman can kill the child in her womb, we see now, in the news, how abundantly human beings are being killed in our country for whatever reason. Remember what Mother Teresa said, “The greatest poverty is the spiritual emptiness that causes people to discard other human beings as useless objects—abortion. If a mother can kill her own child—what is left but for me to kill you and you kill me.”

      Pray for the families who have lost school children, teachers, those who bring use the news and the men and women who protect us and keep us safe.

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle,
be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares
of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and
do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of
God, cast into Hell, Satan and all other evil spirits who
prowl through the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the conflict

Glorious Prince of the Celestial Host, St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the conflict which we have to sustain against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places (Eph. 6:12). Come to the rescue of men whom God has redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil. It is thou whom Holy Church venerates as her guardian and her protector; thou whom the Lord has charged to conduct redeemed souls into Heaven. Pray therefore, the God of peace, to subdue Satan beneath our feet, that he may no longer retain men captive nor do injury to the Church. Present our prayers to the Most High, that without delay they may draw His mercy down upon us. Seize “the dragon, the ancient serpent, which is the devil and Satan,” bind him and “cast him into the bottomless pit, that he may no longer seduce the nations.” (Rev. 20:2-3)