Perpetual Franciscan Crown Rosary

Peace and All Good!
The Five Franciscan Martyrs Regional Executive Council has suggested that all members of our Region consider praying a perpetual Franciscan Crown Rosary for Peace and Understanding: for ourselves and our families, our Fraternity, our Order, our Neighborhood, our Church, our State, and our Country. A decade may be prayed each day of the week as follows:
1. Decade on Monday, The Annunciation, for ourselves and our families.
2. Decade on Tuesday, The Visitation, for our Fraternity.
3. Decade on Wednesday, The Birth of our Lord, for our Order.
4. Decade on Thursday, The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, for our Neighborhood.
5. Decade on Friday, The Finding of Jesus in the Temple, for our Church.
6. Decade on Saturday, The Resurrection of our Lord, for our State.
7. Decade on Sunday , The Assumption of our Lady into Heaven, for our Country.
We suggest that the offering of this perpetual Rosary start on the first Monday in Advent, November 30,
We hope each member of our Region will consider making these intentions a part of their daily prayers.
Hans D. Huemmer, SFO Regional Minister

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