Pray for your Enemies

The Lord said, “Pray for your enemies”
According to the dictionary it is a person who is actively opposed or hostile
to someone or something. And, is a thing that harms or weakens something else.

The Catholic Church and its faithful followers have many enemies who are hostile to the Church.

  • Hollywood: The amount of filth and immorality publicly promoted and accessible today is bewildering. The The show, SMILF, on SHOWTIME is outright blaspheming Mary, the Mother of God stating that she was raped and forced to give birth to Christ! Taking jabs at the priesthood and mocking the the Lord’s prayer is enough to print here, for the diatribe goes on and on. Please pray for the enemies of the Church. Remember again, Christ said “pray for your enemies”.
  • Prime Time News: There are some prime time news outlets that are underreporting Church news or by innuendo, distorting its news.
  • Some Educational Institutions: Their anti-Christian agenda is turning away anyone who wishes to express christian values.
  • Democratic Party’s Pro Abortion support: The Congressional Minority Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, said, “being a practicing Catholic” she believed “abortion is sacred.” 
  • Her statement “being a practicing Catholic, abortion is sacred.” infers she is speaking for the Catholic Church. The killing of a child in the womb is an evil and against the 5th Commandment of God.Thow shall not kill.PLEASE PRAY FOR HER, the Church and the bishops to report strongly and often that the killing of children in the womb is an evil offense to God.

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