Praying of the Liturgy of the Hours

Brothers and Sisters,
May the Lord give you His Peace!
I would like to pass on to you today two things:
There is a site that Cathy and I found that has helped us in our praying of the Liturgy of the Hours (LOH). Unfortunately, it is “vanilla” in the sense that it does not have the propers for the Franciscan feasts and memorials (you will have to use your Supplements for these days), but for the ordinary days of the year it is a help while praying the LOH (or Christian Prayer (CP) by oneself. It gives you a “virtual community” to pray with by providing a Podcast audio link to click on to listen while you read the Antiphons, Psalms and Prayers either on your monitor’s screen or from your book (It is also most helpful if you don’t have your book handy). It also provides you with a help in setting up your book (both the 4 vol LOH & the CP) by giving you the pages for your ribbon placement. And if you only have CP (in lieu of the 4 volume LOH) it supplements that by also giving you an opportunity to pray the Office of Readings (which in the old Latin Breviary was called Matins (Matutinum)) as well as Morning Prayer (Lauds (Laudes)), Daytime Prayer (Terce, Nones or Sext), Evening Prayer (Vespers (Vespertinum)) and Night Prayer (Compline (Completorium).
Deacon Dennis A Arcand, SFO

You can click on this address below or copy it into your Browser:

“Go to: ”Liturgy of the Hours

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