Avoid decadent West

African prelate urges youth: stay in Africa, avoid lures of decadent West
Catholic World News – August 25, 2015

The Catholic bishops of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have urged their country’s young people to remain in Africa, rather than being seduced by the “false trappings of wealth” in the Western world.

“Use your talents and other resources to renew and transform our continent,” Bishop Nicholas Djomo Lola of Tshumbe urged participants in the Pan-African Catholic Youth congress, being held this week in Kinshasa. “You are a treasure for Africa. The Church relies on you; your continent needs you.”

Speaking in his role as president of the DRC bishops’ conference, Bishop Djomo Lola went on to warn the young people against the dangers of life in Europe and America, speaking of “the new forms of destruction of the culture of life, moral, and spiritual values.”

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