Syrian spreads harmony, unity

Something to Say a Prayer For
Composer hopes Pianos for Peace will promote solution.

By Bo Emerson for the “Living” section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sept. 23, 2015,

Syrian transplant Malek Jandali has seen the effects of war.

He has seen bombed churches and murdered hostages. He has seen the tiny body of a little boy from his homeland, washed up on the shore.

Now, he wants to use what he calls the “soft power” of his art to bring about a solution.

A classical composer and part-time Atlanta resident, Jandali wants to use music to unite, and he plans to do that in an unusual way.

His fledgling organization, Pianos for Peace, has accumulated 28 donated pianos, and plans to acquire perhaps 70 more. Next April, the pianos will be decorated by local artists and set up outdoors in neighborhoods around Atlanta, where, for two weeks, the residents and visitors can play them to their heart’s content.

Afterward-, the pianos will be donated to schools, community centers, hospitals, nursing homes and other locations, where Jandali hopes they will become magnets for harmony.

He sees Pianos for Peace as a social event.

[God Bless him in his effort to bring hope and improve relationships in our nation and the Nations of the world.]

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