Teaching Humanae Vitae

American priest backs Italian journalist’s charge

priests negligent in teaching Humanae Vitae
RSS Facebook September 17, 2010

An American canon-law expert has agreed with the controversial charge by an Italian journalist that Catholic priests have been negligent in their failure to teach the principles of Humanae Vitae.

Father Gerald Murray, a New York priest and canon lawyer, said that the argument by Vatican-watcher Sandro Magister of L’Espresso is actually “incontestable.”

Priests have been guilty of silence on the Church teachings regarding birth control, Father Murray confirmed. “Ever worse,” he said, “it is incontestable that some clergy have contradicted Humanae Vitae and have stated that contraceptive use is not sinful.” ?

“It would be good for the bishops of the United States to speak more often about the grave sinfulness of contraceptive use and encourage both generosity in receiving more children into our families, and the use of Natural Family Planning, not artificial contraceptives, to postpone pregnancy for serious reasons,” the New York priest said. He added that in hearing confessions, priests should treat the question delicacy, but should always confirm that the use of contraceptives is a serious sin.

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