The Configuration of the Tau Cross of Christ

Cross drawn by St. Francis

    In Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions, as told in the book “The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, it is revealed that:

  • “The executioners put the arms of the crosses, which were a little curved and not yet fastened to the center pieces, on the backs of the two thieves, and tied their hands.”
  • “The middle parts (stems) of the crosses were carried by slaves, as the transverse pieces were not to be fastened to them until just before the time of execution.”
  • “Many soldiers, under arms, walked by the side of the procession, and after Jesus came the two thieves, who were likewise led, the arms of their crosses, separated from the middle [stem], being placed upon their backs, and their hands tied tightly to the two ends.”
  • Saint Francis’ understanding of how the cross of Christ was configured, put the “TAU” symbol in chalk on the gardener’s frock which was his habit after his conversion.
  • Indications are that our lord carried the “Cross (beam), but not the “Stem” (the vertical portion of His Cross).

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