The Crisis: Our Church and Country, Part 5

IX      The Signs of the Our Times


The movie “Corpus Christi” was due to be released this June to August of this year. The film depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals! It’s called “the body of Christ.” It is a revolting mockery of our Lord.
Lord, pray for us.

Each age has its sound-track — its music — that reflects the thoughts and ideas prevalent in the period. The rise of humanism began to overtake melody and harmony; now in the modernist period music has become discordant, heartless and passion-driven.
Just listen and watch what our children and young adults are listening to today, i.e., “Kiss” a hard rock, heavy metal band. They look and sound like they came out of bowels of hell. Editor
Lord, pray for our children.

Video Games
What sort culture and depravity entertains BioShock where your drug-induced insane character shoots fireballs at your victims, and they call this art.
Or you could order for your 10 year-old, StrangleFeast Death Party — the controller vibrates to simulate death throes of your victims. From an article in the Weekly Standard.
Lord, pray for us and our children.


Editor’s note: We live in a crazy, crazy world. In some Islamic countries women are not to be seen in public without wearing a burga—covered from head to toe and all you see is their eyes.
Here in this country, mothers buy bikinis with up-lifting bras for their 6-year-old girls with no thought in the world how it would affect some perverted young man.

When you attend Mass on Sunday you may see, much to the dismay of the priest, a female Eucharistic minister wearing a miniskirt and high heels. Modesty at Mass should be foremost on ones mind because our Lord is present on the altar. This is not an occasion to bring attention to ones self.


From an article in Catholic Family News “The Kingdom of God vs. the Kingdom of Satan” stated:

Quoting Pope Pius XII that it is good to look nice. … It is alright to follow fashions, providing these fashions do not transgress basic principles of modesty.
From the time of the ancient Greeks all throughout history, women have always dressed beautifully: long flowing dresses, long sleeves, something around the waist, and something on the head. The Church in the 19th Century reacted by threatening to refuse Communion to those who [were not dressed properly.]

We have to dress modestly, but “we should not dress frumpy either, “remembering Pope Pius XII’s words that we must be mindful of our fellow man, and not appear in public as a slovenly eyesore. It is a sign of respect to our fellow man to display an agreeable appearance when we leave the house.

All of this, plus more, was contained in Colleen Hammond’s presentation, including the story of a survey she once gave to a high school in which the majority of boys actually asked the girls to dress more modestly, and to be virtuous. Catholic Family News
Let us pray for Modesty in the Church and our Country.

X      In Conclusion—Pray for your enemies

A reader’s comment
“Dear Readers, how far can the US government sink and how fast! I truly desire in the depth of my soul that I could see Light in our government but none comes before my soul in prayer. I look outside our home and see the beauty of God’s creation everywhere. However when I look at my brother and sisters who openly and willfully oppose the Will of God taunting sin my heart sinks. Still I know that Our “Triune God” will triumph over ‘evil.’ I will try and do my part in accordance with [the] Will of God by praying, writing and speaking for marriage and life (even if the enemy has totally deceived and consumed the thoughts and actions of those in civil authority). May God have mercy on their souls and give all of us the grace to preserve in the Truth of Our Lord Jesus. He has established the sacrament of Matrimony and graced the act of procreation within the intimacy of marriage (that belongs exclusively to the married couple – male and female – NOT male and male nor female and female) (See Genesis & New Testament)”

Tom, Missionary of Mercy
May God Bless and Keep us in His Loving Protection now and forever!
Lord, pray for us.

We are the Church Militant
Pray for the Church and your Country and the people that lead us. I once wrote an article “We are at the Mercy of our Leaders.” I no longer believe that. We have the most powerful force in the world—The “Church Militant.” There are many prominent people in our Church and Country that need your prayers: our leaders, politicians, entertainers, bishops and clergy who are in not in complete harmony with the Church and our Founding Fathers. The list is long. Pray the rosary every day or whenever you think of it. Pray for those who have lost their Christian values, failed their responsibilities and those who follow the “Prince of Lies.”

Our Blessed Mother Mary
At decisive times in human history, when all seemed dark, desperate, and nearly lost, the Church turned to Mary, the Mother of the Lord and our Mother, the “Woman Clothed with the Sun.” She interceded for poor humanity with her Son and won the day. We are at such crossroads now and let’s not fail to turn to her in all of our needs.”

Pope Benedict XVI, Patience in the struggle with evil.
CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, JULY 17, 2011 (
Benedict XVI is recommending patience in the struggle with evil, since, as St. Augustine says, “many at first are weeds and then become good seed.”

St. Augustine observed that ‘many at first are weeds and then become good seed’ and he added: ‘if the former, when they were evil, were not endured with patience, they would not have attained the praiseworthy change.’”

The Pope thus made this invitation: “If we are children of such a great and good Father, we must seek to resemble him! This was the aim that Jesus set himself with his preaching. … Let us turn with confidence to Mary … so that she will help us to follow Jesus faithfully, and thus live as true children of God.”

Note: The information you have witnessed here has been researched and found to be factual. It is only revealed here to emphasize the importance of your prayers to change the world we live in. Please, if you believe the information is in error, I beg you, do your own research and get back to me.

Sincerely, in the words of our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, I will not be silent, Dennis Mallon, SFO.

See post on this website, Sermon by the Bishop of Münster, Clemens August Count von Galen, 1941
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