The words of St. Francis

Francis with bird and book

His virtuous convictions of faith and morals had a great influence on the Church and the world. He has voiced his philosophy of Catholic Faith in following the footsteps of Christ in the many writings he gave his followers, such as his thoughts on Perfect Joy, the Holy Eucharist, Temptations, Vises and Politics.


Devotion and Consolations at Prayer  
The San Damiano Cross
Salutation of the Virtues
Francis Rebukes a Brother
Francis’ Comments on Knowledge

The Mass and the Eucharist  
His Most Holy Body And Blood
The Body and Blood of Christ

The Environment  

Words for those who are in politics  
To all magistrates and Consuls

The season of Lent and Easter 

The season of Christmas 
How Francis Celebrated the Birth of Christ
Francis’ devotion at Christmas


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