To all Magistrates and Consuls

To all magistrates and consuls, judges and governors all over the world, and to all whom this letter may reach:

Brother Francis, your lowly little servant in the Lord God, wishes you health and peace.
Take note and reflect that the day of death is approaching. So I ask you with whatever reverence I can that you do not let the cares and worries of this world cause you to forget God and turn from the path of his commandments. All those who forget him and turn away from his commandments are under a curse (Ps. 118, 21) and shall be consigned by him to oblivion (Ezech. 33, 13). When their day of death arrives, everything they thought they had shall be taken from them (Lk. 8, 18). And, the greater their wisdom and power was in the world, the greater will be their torment in Hell (Wis. 6,7).

For that reason I advise you strongly, my lords, to think less of all such cares and worry, and lovingly receive the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in holy memory of him. You should honor the Lord among the people entrusted to you so much that every evening you have a town crier or some other sign summoning the people they should render praise and thanksgiving to the almighty Lord God. If you do not act thus, it is well for you to know that you must render an account before your Lord Jesus Christ on the day of judgment.

Let those who keep this writing about their person and observe it, know that they shall be blest by the Lord God.”

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