UN: Use abortion to decrease child mortality

(Cath. Culture and World News)
The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) has been distributing a new report at this week’s ECOSOC meetings entitled “Reducing Poverty and Achieving the [MDGs]: Arguments for Investing in Reproductive Health & Rights,” that argues that “reproductive health care” and “sexual and reproductive health services,” which in “UNspeak” include abortion, are necessary to eradicate poverty and hunger, to combat AIDS, and even to ensure environmental sustainability by stabilizing population growth.

The report claims that child mortality will be reduced if there are fewer living children and calls for “reproductive rights” to achieve the goal of having fewer living children who then might get sick and die. The report further argues that the goal of universal primary education will be more easily achieved if families have fewer children. The report cites as a source for its arguments a previous UNFPA document, published jointly with the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a leading international abortion lobby group connected to Planned Parenthood.

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