What is Viability?

It’s a term used by abortionists to insist babies can’t live outside the womb before a certain period of time has passed in the pregnancy. To them, a baby that’s not “viable” isn’t a baby at all. Abortionists will insist that she isn’t alive. She’s just a lump of tissue. She won’t make it anyways. She’s not “viable.”

Abortionists don’t want to give babies born early a chance. You see, all these callous arguments are made to justify the heinous act of abortion. Because the baby can’t live on its own outside the womb, it has no right to life yet.

In many states, the deadline to have an abortion is 24 weeks or the third trimester. However, the notion that no baby can survive before this deadline is utterly false.

Jacob McMahon is one child who clung to life despite the doctor’s giving him no chance. Jacob was born February 22 in England, barely 23 weeks into the pregnancy. He weighed only one pound 4oz at the time.

Despite the odds, a little over a week ago Jacob was declared fit to go home.
Jacob is now 7lb 3oz. But if his mother had listened to the advice of her doctors, Jacob’s beating heart would have been stopped by a pill.

You see, Jacob’s twin sister died of an infection after she was born 8 days earlier, just short of 22 weeks into the pregnancy. His parents “couldn’t believe it when doctors told us we had to consider abortion.” They gave Jacob a fighting chance and he pulled through.

Science may try to label an unborn baby a “fetus” and say they aren’t human until a number of days have passed. But you and I know it’s just an attempt to dehumanize a living child with a beating heart. And maybe some states will move the deadline for abortions back a week or two, but that won’t make a significant difference. The Abortion Lobby will still have the abortion mills running at full capacity and will be encouraging women to end the lives of their babies earlier.
What we need is to give each and every unborn child a fighting chance at life. Jacob got one, and it truly was a miracle he lived.

Let’s fight so the one million lives ended each year by abortion get their fighting chance by defunding Planned Parenthood and pass a “Life at Conception Act”.

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