Brothers and Sisters of St. Francis Region
Alabama • Georgia • North Carolina • South Carolina • Tennessee

This conversation is an opportunity to share who we are as Secular Franciscans and for the
Visitor to share who they are … and what they are seeking.

Date:____________________ Interviewer ___________________


Name: ___________________________

Address include zip code: _______________________

Home phone number _________ cell number: ________________

E-mail address, if applicable: _____________________

Single W Married: ________Name of Spouse: ___________________

Widow/Widower: _________ Divorced: _____


Names and ages of children, if applicable_____________________________

Name of Parish: ________________________

Address of parish include zip code: _________________

Name of pastor: _______________________________


If you wish to learn more about the SFO and enter Orientation, you will be asked to provide us
with copies of your Sacramental Certificates. All copies will be returned.
Baptism__ Eucharist__ Confirmation_ Matrimony___ Copy of Decree of nullity___, if you are
divorced and remarried, and Holy Orders ______ (if diocesan priest or deacon)

Up to this time – within your parish community, in what service or ministries have you been
involved (e.g. choir, sacristan, altar server, lectors)?

If you have participated in other faith formation organizations, classes, etc. (e.g. R.C.I.A., formal
Bible study, “Why Catholic?” other Third Orders), please tell me about those experiences.

What else would you like to share that would help us to understand what you are seeking?

What prompts you to inquire about Secular Franciscan Order [SFO]?

Have you any familiarity with the SFO? If so, what are your impressions?

Have you come to know any Secular Franciscans? If so, what are your impressions?

Our journey as SFO members introduces us to rich spiritual opportunities to cultivate a life of
virtue. Do you currently have any ideas to what you would like to achieve spiritually?

How do you think the SFO might help you achieve these goals?

How willing and able are you to participate in the monthly formation process and monthly
fraternity gatherings?

How supportive is your family of your decision to explore the possibility that you may have a
calling to the SFO?

Should you decide to journey with us, you…
1. Will be asked to reflect upon your understanding of the Church and its teachings.
These teachings, which form our belief system, were most fundamental and of
paramount importance to St. Francis of Assisi. We Secular Franciscans are to mirror
St. Francis by embracing the Church’s teachings.
2. Will have opportunities to experience, interiorize, and integrate gospel values as we
seek to go from gospel to life and life to gospel – as exemplified by Sts. Francis and
Clare of Assisi.
3. Will be introduced and expected to become familiar with our Franciscan history and
spirituality – especially St. Francis and St. Clare.
4. Will study the Rule and General Constitution of the SFO.
5. Will experience different forms of Franciscan prayer.
6. Will come to deepen and understand our call to Justice, Peace, and Integrity of

You will also be introduced to and become familiar with the Four Pillars, which are the
foundation on which our Secular Franciscan “way of life” is based. These pillars are Spirituality,
Formation, Fraternity, and Apostolate.

What else would you like to ask about our formation process, our fraternity, our Order?


  1. Karen Szczesniak, OFS

    Just a question. I found you on the internet and was wondering if you are the Minister (Dennis) or whomever and before I found this form, I didn’t see any reference to being in the National Fraternity. So, I was just inquiring. I am professed now since 1986, and one has to be careful when looking into sites. I do appreciate many of your things. Just so you know, my inquiry began with an email from a friend from NYS relating to Catholics vs Muslims. Didn’t know if I wanted to pass it on until I found out who wrote it. Peace, Karen

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