Woman goes to the vet

    Woman goes to the vet to pick up her dog.
    I came to pick up my dog barney, how’s he doing?
    He’s dead, replied the doctor.
    What do you mean he’s dead, he just needed a flea bath.
    Well like I said, he’s dead D-e-a-d, dead.
    How do you know he’s dead?
    OK, I will do some tests on him to show you he’s dead.
    So the doctor brought in a Labrador Retriever and it sniffed around the dog and couldn’t get a rise out of him.
    Next he brought in a cat and the cat walked around the dog and the cat never got a rise out of him.
    The woman said, “WHAT does that prove”?
    Well, the doctor said, I did a Lab test and a CAT scan, what other proof do you need.

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