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American Histories curriculum: Let the Facts be told…

Our American History curriculum: Catholic influences were discredited or eradicated.

WHY: [Editor’s note] Our educators didn’t want to enhance Catholic thought or philosophy.

The books used in the American History curriculum, for example, completely passed over, discredited, or eradicated any mention of Catholic influences in the United States. Catholic explorers (and Missionaries), if named at all, had their names secularized (for example, Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette who explored the upper Mississippi River was simply “Marquette” and the picture depicting him was airbrushed to have him dressed in buckskins [a la Davy Crocket] in lieu of his Jesuit habit). No mention at all of the efforts of Blessed Junipero Serra,OFM, [Serra a Franciscan Priest] in California or other Catholic Missionaries or even Spanish secular efforts in the American Southwest. 

American History only began in 1620 with the Pilgrims setting foot on Plymouth Rock to escape Religious (Anglican) persecution in England and later Catholic persecution in Holland (any time the word “Catholic” showed up it was always in negative terms).  Earlier Spanish explorations by DeSoto, Ponce de Leon, and other Conquistadors were mentioned only because their names were so familiar in Florida and the Caribbean, but again the concurrent Catholic missionary efforts were depicted in negative terms vis a vis the Native Populations.  

Christopher Columbus was vilified for bringing Catholic missionaries to these shores.

Any mention of Catholic social principles in the Social Studies courses? – ZIP. Nothing