Countless temptations: St. Pio

Totus Tuus, Abba Father.

St. Pio of Pietrelcina – September 23

[Don’t let] the countless temptations with which you are continually assailed frighten you, because the Holy Spirit forewarns the devout soul who is trying to advance in the ways of the Lord, to prepare itself for temptations.
Therefore, take heart because the sure and infallible sign of the health of a soul is temptation. Let the thought that the lives of the saints were not free from this trial; give us the courage to bear it.
[St. Paul] the apostle of the people, after being taken away to Paradise, was subjected to such a trial that Satan went so far as to hit him. Dear God! Who can read those pages without feeling one’s blood freezing? How many tears, how many sighs, how many groans, how many prayers did this holy apostle raise, so that the Lord might withdraw this most painful trial from him! But what was Jesus’ reply? Only this: “My grace is sufficient for you.” One becomes perfect in weakness.
Therefore take heart. Jesus makes you also hear the same voice he allowed St. Paul to hear. Fight valiantly and you will obtain the reward of strong souls.

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